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Babysitting 101

Do you have a pre-teen or teenager who dreams of building a babysitting business? How do you know when he or she is ready to care for children? Train your budding babysitter the easy way with Babysitting 101! This is THE program that teaches what adults really want teens to know about taking care of kids.

Babysitting 101 is packed full of information and video of real babysitters taking care of children.

Topics include:

  • Getting your business started
  • Understanding the likes & dislikes of children
  • Equipping yourself with fun, practical playtime ideas for kids of all ages
  • Troubleshooting: solutions to the most common problems a babysitter faces
  • Performing first aid 

Students must be at least 11 years old in order to receive the certificate.

Please bring the following: a lunch, a doll or stuffed animal for diapering (large enough so a small diaper will fit)


Home Alone

This is a program for children ages 9 and up. This program prepares our youth for the all important step of staying home alone safely. Being home alone can be an uncomfortable and unsafe situation if children do not have some basic skills. Safety, first aid, and comfort skills are covered in this course. Let's work to keep our children safe and confident.