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Whether you are a veteran class 1 driver or someone looking to pick up the trade, we offer courses that can help.

Air Brakes (Classroom Based)

Our air brake training program meets all Alberta Transportation requirements for individuals to obtain their "Q" endorsement. Topics covered include braking fundamentals, fundamentals of compressed air, vehicle braking systems, tactics for air system failure, mode diagnosis, troubleshooting, brake adjustments/inspections (theory and hands-on).

This inclusive course incorporates description, operation and service elements associated with dual air brake systems.

This course will provide motorhome operators with the required air brakes certification as well.

Class 1 & 3 Driver Packages

We will assess your driving experience and skills and customize a training package to suit your needs. We will ensure the program provides the training and information needed to prepare for the road test and a career in the trucking industry. The student must have completed the Air Brakes course prior to driver training. A licensed instructor individualizes training using hands-on practice and demonstrations with the student learning the proper driving techniques through a series of tasks that each student will practice to develop their driving skills while pulling either a flat-deck or a van trailer.

Defensive Driving Course (DDC)

This is a 6.5 hour Alberta Transportation approved Defensive Driving Course. Participants who score at least 80% on the written multiple-choice exam will be eligible for a 3 demerit reduction on their driver's license. Students learn the latest in Defensive Driving theory where good driving habits and behaviours are reinforced. Two manuals, PowerPoint and videos are used for the course delivery.

Fatigue Management

Our fatigue management program is designed to inform professional drivers of the signs of driver fatigue, the responsibilities of the driver and employer, and the methods by which a driver can manage fatigue. In addition to discussing what fatigue is, the circadian rhythm, and myths related to fatigue management, participants are encouraged to examine their personal lifestyles and consider changes to ensure they are ready and able to work. The course includes a final exam and a certificate of completion.

ODA (Enform)

Gain knowledge to improve your on-road safe driving behaviours and attitudes as well as gain the understanding of what being a professional driver entails.

Professional drivers and workers who drive in oilfield driving environments.


  • Professional driving attitude
  • Defensive driving skills
  • Regulations and policies
  • National Safety Code (NSC) requirements
  • Proper vehicle inspection
  • Off-highway driving techniques
  • Road conditions and hazards
  • Journey Management

Upon successful completion of this course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion that is valid for three years.

This course is approved by Alberta Transportation as a Professional Driving Improvement Course (PDIC). Participants with an Alberta Operator’s License who receive 80% or better on the written examination are eligible for a reduction of up to three demerit points from their driving record from Alberta Transportation through any Alberta registries agent.

Hours of Service

This course reviews the highlights of the new Federal Hours of Service Regulations which came into effect January 2007. It emphasizes such aspects as carrier and driver obligations, terminology, commonly asked questions and correct documentation.

Specialized Hours of Service sessions can be delivered for companies operating under an Oilfield Exemption Permit.

Light Duty Vehicle - Driver Improvement

This one-day course provides training for personnel who drive light-duty trucks, such as pick-ups, cars and hot shot units to and from field locations. Designed to reduce company vehicle accidents, it covers defensive driving skills, professional driver attitude, safe vehicle operation, safety and survival equipment, driving practices for off-highway and adverse conditions, and non-driving skills (map reading, hand signals, vehicle equipment operations, load securement, and tire chain installation).

Students in possession of an Alberta Operator's License receiving 80% or better on the written examination are eligible for a reduction of up to three demerit points from their driver's license from Alberta Transportation through any Alberta registries agent.

BCRSP has awarded this course 0.5 CMPs.

Load Securement

Our load securement workshop covers all particulars associated with the North American Cargo Securement Standard. These include the fundamentals of load securement, general cargo securement regulations such as the securement system, containing, immobilizing and securing cargo, and inspection requirements.

Log Books

Our Hours of Service (log books) workshop provides commercial vehicle drivers and motor carriers with the knowledge needed to properly fill out a driver's daily log, to stay within the regulated hours of service, to perform thorough pre-trip inspections, and to complete all associated forms.

Professional Driver Improvement Course (PDIC)

This course is designed for the Professional Driver and is approved by Alberta Transportation. This course is appropriate as a refresher course for senior drivers or a skill building course for less experienced drivers. This program includes instruction using a combination of textbooks, PowerPoint and videos.

The course deals with the following topics, among others:

  • Defining Defensive Driving
  • FSI SAFER™ approach to driving
  • Developing a Positive Approach
  • Dealing with Adverse Conditions
  • Understanding Collisions
  • Driver Fatigue

Students who successfully complete the course and score 80% or higher on the 40-question multiple choice exam will be eligible to submit the course completion document to a license centre to deduct 3 demerits from their license (provided they have 2 - 14 demerits on their license). The course may be completed every two years.


This is for individuals involved in the handling or transporting of dangerous goods. It is designed to introduce and familiarize the commercial driver of his responsibilities while transporting dangerous goods. The course includes TDG regulations, classification, documentation, and response to spills and is excellent for updating workers with previous TDG training or as an introductory session for new employees.

In the TDG course you will learn...

  • How the government enforces TDG
  • The classification of hazardous products & substances
  • TDG regulations
  • All about creating shipping documents that comply with TDG regulations
  • Selecting correct means of containment for goods being shipped
  • Proper labeling of goods being shipped
  • Procedures to follow in the event of an emergency

The TDG course includes lessons, quizzes, a final exam, and an official Certificate of completion.

Truck Driver Simulation Safety Training

We are pleased to offer Medicine Hat and Area the first truck driver simulation safety training available to professional drivers.

This interactive training encompasses such areas as:

  • Hazard Perception
  • Defensive Driving
  • Extreme Conditions
  • Emergency Manoeuvers
  • Crash Avoidance